The Berlin Conference on Libya

At the Berlin Conference on Libya, Germany, Russia and Turkey agreed on a common strategy aimed at lessening the conflict in the country through the involvement of regional external actors. Could this approach sideline the European Union...

The Planet, Europe and I - IAI Prize 2020

IAI launches the third edition of the IAI PrizeYoung Talents for Italy, Europe and the World”, dedicated to young people. The...

Climate: The European Green New Deal

In Brussels, the Green New Deal is taking shape: the ambitious plan to make the Old Continent carbon neutral by 2050 will be the...


Climate Activism and the Friday's for Future Movement

Federica Gasbarro
IAI Commentaries 20|03

A Geopolitical Commission in Africa

Luca Barana
IAI Commentaries 20|02

There Is No Green Deal without a Just Transition

Luca Bergamaschi
IAI Commentaries 20|01

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The International Spectator

The International Spectator, Vol. 54, No. 4, December 2019

Special core: 60 Years of Turkey-EC/EU Relations