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Head of the Programme: Alessia Chiriatti
Programme Assistant: Irene D'Antimo

Advanced Certificates

Advanced Certificates are training courses designed for students, recent graduates and professionals who want to strengthen their professional development and improve their individual skills in order to work in international contexts.

It is also possible to attend individual courses without being enrolled in an Advanced Certificate.

Advanced Certificate Plus

An Advanced Certificate pathway


1 in-person Workshop

Discounts and Scholarships

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email : edu(at)

Join our network and become an IAI Junior Member. Becoming an IAI Member offers numerous opportunities for meeting and debate, facilities for training, and meetings with internationally prominent personalities.

The IAI Member is invited to conferences and seminars organized by IAI, developing a network of relationships with other Members and actors of the Institute, and can include the title "IAI Associate" in his/her curriculum vitae. He or she can also enroll in IAI's training courses with a 10 percent discount.

The special membership fee for Junior Members is €60.00, and one can maintain the status of Junior Member until the age of 30.

For any further information and more details, you can contact us at (+39) 06.6976831 or write to soci(at)

IAI's Educational Programme

IAI's Educational Programme contributes to education and updating on policy and institutional issues of international relevance. The programme is aimed at training a civil society capable of interpreting the challenges and opportunities coming from the world, and to develop critical approach and soft skills.

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