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Head of the Programme: Alessia Chiriatti
Programme Assistant: Irene D'Antimo

Launched in 2018, IAI's Educational Programme contributes to education and training on political and institutional issues of international relevance, to form a civil society capable of interpreting the challenges and opportunities coming from the world, and to develop critical approach and soft skills.

Operative skills and interdisciplinary competences are fundamental for understanding and playing an active role in the current global (and globalized) world. Only people with adequate training can compete in a continuously changing international scenario and take the right decisions.

The main activities of the educational programme are:
- Tailor-made training programs on specific issues and topics;
- Events and campaigns on the most important problems concerning international education;
- Research on educational networks in Italy, Europe and the world.

The targets of IAI's educational programs are:
- professionals and working adults who want to expand and update their knowledge;
- university students and graduates interested in a specialization;
- companies and corporations requesting ad hoc programs for their management..

For application procedures, please consult the notices for each course run by the Institute.

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email : edu(at)