Daniela Huber

Head of the Mediterranean and Middle East Programme; The International Spectator co-editor
Expertise: Israel, Middle East, North Africa, Palestine, US foreign policy, EU external relations

Lorenzo Kamel

Senior fellow; IAI Research Studies and Quaderni IAI editor
Expertise: Middle East, North Africa

Marco Magnani

Non resident fellow
Expertise: Economy, Finance, Currency, Financial services

Stefano Manservisi

Scientific advisor
Expertise: European Union

Lorenzo Mariani

Expertise: Est Asia, China, North Korea, South Korea

Alessandro Marrone

Head of Defence Programme; Documenti IAI editor
Expertise: Defence industry, NATO, Italy's military policy, US military policy, CSDP, Transatlantic relations

Azzurra Meringolo

Associate fellow
Expertise: Egypt, Middle East, North Africa

Nona Mikhelidze

Head of the Eastern Europe and Eurasia Programme
Expertise: Caucasus, ENP, Conflict resolution, Russia, Turkey

Karolina Muti

Expertise: European defence, Defence industry

Ferdinando Nelli Feroci

Expertise: Italy's foreign policy, European Union

Michele Nones

Vice President
Expertise: Defence industry, Italy's military policy, CSDP, Space

Asli Selin Okyay

Senior fellow
Expertise: Eastern Mediterranean, Migration, European Union

Pier Carlo Padoan

Vice President
Expertise: Economy, Economic governance

Anja Palm

Associate fellow
Expertise: Mediterranean, Migration, CFSP, European Union

Franco Passacantando

Scientific advisor
Expertise: Economy, Finance, Economic governance

Daniela Pioppi

Scientific advisor
Expertise: Egypt, Israel, Middle East, North Africa, Palestine

Nicoletta Pirozzi

Institutional relations manager; Head of the EU, politics and institutions programme
Expertise: Africa, Crisis management, UN, CFSP, CSDP, EU external relations, UN reform

Eleonora Poli

Senior fellow
Expertise: Balkans, EU external relations, European Union

Giulio Pugliese

Associate fellow
Expertise: China, Japan, US foreign policy

Simone Romano

Associate fellow
Expertise: Economy, Finance