Dario Cristiani

IAI/GMF Fellow
Expertise: Mediterranean, Italy's foreign policy

Federica Dall'Arche

Expertise: Non-proliferation

Jean Pierre Darnis

Scientific advisor; Head of the "Tech-IR" Programme
Expertise: Digital policy, Italy's foreign policy, Space, Technologies

Francesco De Leo

Head of communications; AffarInternazionali Managing Director
Expertise: Foreign policy

Andrea Dessì

Head of the Italy's foreign policy Programme; IAI Commentaries editor
Expertise: Algeria, Israel, Middle East, Palestine, US foreign policy, Conflict resolution

Federica Di Camillo

Deputy Director; Head of the Security Programme
Expertise: CSDP, R&D, Security, Dual-use

Sinan Ekim

Junior researcher
Expertise: Turkey

Daniele Fattibene

Expertise: Security, Food security, Sustainable development

Irene Fellin

Senior researcher
Expertise: Women, Conflict mediation, NATO, OSCE, Security

Paolo Foradori

Associate fellow
Expertise: Arms control, Non-proliferation, Security

Luca Franza

Head of the Energy, Climate & Resources Programme

Flavia Fusco

Junior researcher
Expertise: Middle East, North Africa

Francesca Ghiretti

Expertise: Asia, China

Cono Giardullo

Associate fellow
Expertise: Human rights, International humanitarian law, Women, Drones, OSCE, EU external relations, Ukraine

Marco Giuli

Associate fellow
Expertise: Climate change, Energy, European Union

Giampiero Gramaglia

Sicentific advisor
Expertise: Transatlantic relations, European Union

Ettore Greco

Executive Vice President; Head of the Multilateralism and global governance programme
Expertise: Arms control, G7/G20, EU institutions, Multilateralism, OSCE, Italy's foreign policy, Transatlantic relations

Laura Guazzone

Scientific advisor
Expertise: Israel, Middle East, North Africa, Palestine

Paolo Guerrieri

Scientific advisor
Expertise: External trade, Economy, Economic governance, EU integration

Christopher Hill

Scientific advisor
Expertise: CFSP, EU external relations, IR theory, European Union