Riccardo Alcaro

Research coordinator; Head of the Global Actors Programme
Expertise: Iran, NATO, Transatlantic relations, Russia

Roberto Aliboni

Scientific advisor
Expertise: Middle East, Mediterranean, Transatlantic relations

Andrea Aversano Stabile

Junior researcher
Expertise: European defence, Elections, CSDP

Luca Barana

Expertise: Africa, EU external relations

Stefania Benaglia

Associate fellow
Expertise: Asia, India, EU external relations, Security

Luca Bergamaschi

Associate fellow
Expertise: Environment, Climate change, Energy

Margherita Bianchi

Junior researcher
Expertise: Environment, Energy, Security, European Union

Nicola Bilotta

Junior researcher
Expertise: Economy, Finance, Economic governance

Lorenzo Bini Smaghi

Scientific advisor
Expertise: Eurozone crisis, Financial crisis, Economy, Finance

Matteo Bonomi

Expertise: EU enlargement, Balkans, European Union

Gianni Bonvicini

Scientific advisor
Expertise: EU integration, EU institutions, CFSP, Italy's foreign policy, European Union

Erik Burckhardt

Ricercatore associato

Vincenzo Camporini

Vice President
Expertise: Italy's military policy

Francesca Caruso

Junior researcher
Expertise: Middle East

Nicola Casarini

Senior fellow
Expertise: Asia Pacific region, China

Lorenzo Colantoni

Expertise: Environment, Climate change, Energy, Natural resources

Silvia Colombo

Head of the Mediterranean & Middle East Programme
Expertise: GCC, Gulf countries, Middle East, Mediterranean, North Africa, EU external relations

Federica Dall'Arche

Expertise: Non-proliferation

Jean Pierre Darnis

Scientific advisor; Head of the "Tech-IR" Programme
Expertise: Digital policy, Italy's foreign policy, Space, Technologies

Andrea Dessì

Senior fellow; IAI Commentaries editor
Expertise: Algeria, Israel, Middle East, Palestine, US foreign policy, Conflict resolution