Lorenzo Colantoni

Climate change
Natural resources

Lorenzo Colantoni is a researcher at IAI. He works as a freelance journalist and consultant, specialized on energy and environment, particularly in European policies. Lorenzo is collaborating with the Institute and its Energy Union Watch project based off of the recent initiative established by the European Commission. He has worked with the geopolitical magazine Limes, particularly for the coordination of the October 2014 issue on the UK and Scottish separatism. He has been writing for the Espresso Online, the European Energy Review and the Energy Post, just to name a few outlets. He has previously worked for CEPS in Brussels in the energy sector, and also for the European Commission (DG DEVCO) on natural resources and food security.

Green Deal Watch, No. 1

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Energy Union Watch, No. 16

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Europe's Green Wave and the Future of the Energy Union

Lorenzo Colantoni
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Energy Union Watch, No. 15

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Empowering Africa

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China's Vision of an Ecological Civilisation

Lorenzo Colantoni
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Assessing European Energy and Industrial Policies and Investments in the Southern Mediterranean Region from a Bottom-up Perspective

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Assessing EU–Mediterranean Policies in the Field of Energy from a Bottom-up Perspective: The Case of Morocco

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