Natalino Ronzitti

Scientific advisor
Expertise: Law of the sea, International law, International humanitarian law, UN reform

Ester Sabatino

Expertise: Defence industry, NATO, CSDP

Marco Sanfilippo

Associate fellow
Expertise: China, Economy, Foreign direct investments (FDI)

Nicolò Sartori

Associate fellow
Expertise: Central Asia, Russia, Energy security

Stefano Silvestri

Scientific advisor, AffarInternazionali Editorial director
Expertise: China, NATO, Italy's foreign policy, Italy's military policy, CSDP

Robert Springborg

Senior visiting fellow
Expertise: Egypt, Middle East, Mediterranean

Paola Subacchi

Scientifc advisor
Expertise: Economy, Economic governance, Currency

Valeria Termini

Scientific advisor

Paola Tessari

Expertise: Chemical weapons, Arms control, Nuclear, Security

Nathalie Tocci

Expertise: Caucasus, Cyprus, Middle East, CFSP, EU external relations, Turkey

Carlo Trezza

Scientific advisor
Expertise: Arms control, Non-proliferation, Security

Bernardo Venturi

Senior fellow
Expertise: Crisis management, Peacebuilding, CSDP, EU external relations