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Nicolò Sartori

Associate fellow

Nicolò Sartori has a ten-year experience in the field of research. Specialized on energy and climate security analysis, he works also on the evolution of national, European and global policies in the energy, climate and sustainable development domain. Nicolò is Adjunct Professor in “Natural Resources and Energy Security" at the Master in International Security Studies (MISS) of the University of Trento and Professional Fellow at the World Energy Council (WEC). He is also regular contributor to the international magazine WE World Energy/About Energy, and was Senior Fellow and Head of the Energy, Climate & Resources Programme at the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI). Prior to joining IAI, he served as Faculty Advisor at the NATO Defense College in Rome, where he also conducted research on NATO’s role as energy security provider in the Caspian region.

He holds a BA in International and Diplomatic Studies from the School Roberto Ruffilli in Forlì and an MA in International Relations from the University of Bologna, and a specialization course in “Analysis and Management of Energy and Environmental Policy” from the Harvard Environmental Economics Program (HEEP) at Harvard University. Nicolò gives lectures on international and European energy, climate and sustainable development policies to different academic institutions, including Sciences Po’s Master in International Energy, and at the LUISS Guido Carli's Masters in International Security.


Central Asia
Energy security


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