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Rapporto sulla politica estera italiana: il governo Renzi. Edizione 2016


Italy’s foreign policy, under the leadership of the Renzi government, is facing a number of interrelated challenges. Growing instability in the neighbourhood, the migration crisis, terrorism threats and financial troubles have all figured prominently in Italy’s foreign relations. Effective and lasting responses to these challenges can only be found at a European level, by strengthening solidarity and the ability of EU member states to act collectively. The European dimension has figured as the primary focus area of Italian foreign policy during the period of study. However, plans endorsed or promoted by the government in an effort to reform EU policies and strengthen the mechanisms and instruments of integration and solidarity among member countries in key areas such as economic governance and migration policy have witnessed limited progress. There were also periodic tensions with European institutions, resulting in a renewal of old disputes over the division of tasks and responsibilities between EU institutions and national governments. Persistent structural weaknesses have contributed to limit Italy’s foreign influence and projection, yet government efforts to enhance Italy’s role in various areas of primary national interest, beginning with the Mediterranean, have yielded some significant results. Italy has continued and in some cases strengthened its contribution to international missions of a civil and military nature, while also assuming command responsibilities in some settings. Efforts to reform and improve Italy’s military have slowed and in the legal domain the country needs to fill certain gaps that continue to undermine Italy’s international credibility.

Presented at the conference "La politica estera del governo Renzi e le opzioni post-Brexit", Rome, 21 July 2016. Available in English: Chapter 1.1 (Ruolo e posizioni in Europa), published as "Italy's Role in Europe under Renzi" in (Documenti IAI 15|20) and Chapter 2 (La politica di sicurezza e difesa), published as "Recent Developments in Italy's Security and Defence Policy" (Documenti IAI 15|19).

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