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Il governo Draghi e il nuovo protagonismo internazionale dell’Italia. Rapporto sulla politica estera italiana. Edizione 2021


This report, the result of a collaborative IAI effort coordinated by the Institute's Italian Foreign Policy programme, offers an analysis of Italian foreign policy during 2021, with a particular focus on the three traditional dimensions of Italy’s external projection: Europe, the transatlantic alliance and the Mediterranean. Further analysis is directed at assessing Italy’s relationships with global powers such as Russia and China, as well as other salient features of Italy’s international projection, including Italy’s G20 Presidency and the implementation of the European recovery plan in Italy. Italian security and defence policies and participation in international missions abroad are also analysed, as is Italy’s approach to international migration and Rome’s energy policies in the context of the European Green Deal. Drafted between December 2021 and January 2022, the report examines the key features of Italian foreign policy under the Draghi government, while also reflecting on the main challenges that lay ahead.

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