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EU, politics and institutions

Head of the programme: Nicoletta Pirozzi
Research team: Luca Barana, Matteo Bonomi, Federico Castiglioni, Luca CinciripiniNona Mikhelidze, Ferdinando Nelli Feroci, Asli Okyay;
Cornelius AdebahrEleonora Poli, Bernardo Venturi (associate fellows); Michael Werz (scientific advisor)

Studies on the direction and goals of the European integration process have always had a central role in IAI's activity. Their importance has increased as a consequence of the radical changes which have recently occurred in the European and international arenas.

In particular, IAI focuses its research and dissemination efforts on the social, political and institutional evolution of the EU and on the dynamics of its external action.

The programme tackles major issues related to EU governance and the development of its architecture. Specific attention is paid to the effects of the current EU political, economic, migration and security crises and the possible initiatives developed in response.

From the international perspective, and looking at the nexus between EU external and internal dynamics, researches will analyse progress on the foreign, security and defence policy of the EU, and the most significant communitarian policies, from development cooperation to enlargement.

The main sponsors of these studies are the European Commission and the Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo, with which a strategic partnership has been agreed.

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Past and ongoing projects include work on Balkans, Caucasus, Turkey, Ukraine also.