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La politica estera dell'Italia. Edizione 2011


On the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy, Italian foreign policy is seeking a new balance between commitments in the multilateral context, above all to the European Union, the Atlantic Alliance and the United Nations, and developing closer relations with a network of countries from Mediterranean neighbours to Russia, Brazil and China. The 2011 edition of the IAI-ISPI yearbook La politica estera dell'Italia [Italy’s foreign policy] takes a look at this effort to adapt, underlining the persistent and perhaps even growing difficulties: the crisis of multilateralism; the uncertainties in the European Union; the underlying tension between bilateral drives and cooperation with traditional partners; domestic political and institutional weaknesses; the chronic lack of resources and instruments dedicated to Italy's international projection. The volume is divided into three parts: an introductory report (available in English) summarising and assessing Italian foreign policy as a whole and pointing out three main paths for the future; sectorial chapters offering detailed analyses of the subjects and regions of greatest strategic interest to Italy; two chronologies, one on Italian foreign policy and the other on the main international events in 2010.

Presentations: Rome 10 March 2011, Turin 16 May 2011, Naples 1° June 2011, Rome 10 June 2011, Florence 28 June 2011.

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