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Study on National Industrial Strategies and Policies in EDA participating Member States relevant for the European Defence Industrial Base

2021 - current

The Russia-Ukraine war has negatively changed the international strategic environment, including the naval domain in respect to both European maritime security and naval combat systems. In face of US-China confrontation in the Indo-Pacific, major navies are investing in enhancing their military capabilities, with a specific focus on high-intensity combat scenarios and multi-domain operations. In the meantime, NATO is adjusting its pan-European military posture and the EU has advanced important collaborations in the naval domain. Italy has a strong and imminent interest in the stability of the wider Mediterranean, in securing sea lines of communication and seaborne energy supplies, as well as in playing an active role within the Euro-Atlantic context regarding technological innovation and the development of future military capabilities. This IAI research, published in 2023 and involving keading international experts, delves into all of these topics, with a particular attention to the Italian reality. An Italian version summarising its main findings will soon be released.

Funding: Leonardo

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