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Michelangelo Freyrie


Michelangelo Freyrie was a Junior Researcher in the Defence and Security Programmes at IAI. His main interests are German foreign policy and Euro-Russian relations. He previously worked at BwConsulting, an agency of the German Ministry of Defence (BMVg), and in the private sector, specialising in foresight and scenario planning. Michelangelo holds a MA in International Affairs from the Hertie School in Berlin and a BSc in International Politics from Bocconi University. He has written on European security for the daily newspapers Domani, Die Tageszeitung (TAZ) and the news platform Linkiesta.

Among his publications:
(with Carolina De Stefano) “Perché la crisi in Ucraina adesso può scatenare una guerra in Europa”, in Luiss School of Governent Policy Briefs, No. 02/2022 (January 2022)




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