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Il futuro dominio navale: capacità militari e innovazione tecnologica

14/12/2022, Hybrid event

The Russian-Ukrainian war has negatively changed the international security environment also when it comes to the maritime domain, in terms of both the security of Europe’s seas and naval combat systems. Also in light of the confrontation between the US and China in the Indo-Pacific, the world’s most capable navies are investing in adapting their capabilities with a focus on high-intensity conflict scenarios and multi-domain operations. Meanwhile, NATO is adjusting its pan-European military posture and important EU-level cooperation projects have been initiated in the naval field. Italy has a strong and immediate interest in the stability of the Wider Mediterranean, in the security of sea lines of communication and sea-based energy supplies, as well as in playing an active role in the Euro-Atlantic context when it comes to technological innovation and the development of future military capabilities.

These topics will be the focus of the conference “The future of the naval domain: military capabilities and technological innovation”, scheduled for Wednesday 14 December from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at IAI’s headquarters, during which a preview of a IAI study on this subject will be presented.

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