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Next generation of information systems to support EU external policies - CIVILnEXT

2018 - current

The aim of CIVILnEXT is to develop and provide CSDP missions with a platform to manage and control operations – the Operational Control Platform (OCP). The OCP is expected to improve coordination of the EU’s external action by strengthening exchanges and management of information, rationalising information provided, and simplifying remote control of operations. CIVILnEXt follows the EU global approach to challenging missions. In doing so, it will support civilian-military cooperation and facilitate the participation of CSDP members. Eventually, it will enable the creation of links between EU delegations, Frontex, European Commission Directorate-Generals, member states, and other partners, including UN agencies, regional organisations, and non-governmental actors. Among the institutional partners, CIVILnEXt includes competent national authorities (Cyprus, Greece, Slovenia and Spain) participating in EU external policies, as well as the International Organization for Migration (IOM). IAI will provide a comprehensive analysis of institutional and policy implications, support in the identification and preparation of operational scenarios within actual CSDP missions and organise stakeholder group meetings.

Funding: European Union – Horizon 2020

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