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  • Early Warning and Conflict Prevention in the Euro-Med Area

    In 2000 the International Affairs Institute (IAI) launched a project aimed at creating a first nucleus of capabilities in conflict prevention in the Euro-Mediterranean framework, with a view to...

    Start/End: 2000 - 2001
  • Conflict Prevention in the Framework of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership

    In 1996 the International Affairs Institute (IAI) begun a study aimed at concretely determining which measures of conflict prevention and preventive diplomacy can be implemented to set up the area...

    Start/End: 1997 - 1998
  • From Mesco to EuroMeSCo

    In 1994 the Institute contributed to set up the Mediterranean Study Commission (MeSCo), a network of Mediterranean people and institutions dealing with international and security...

    Start/End: 1994 - 2009