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Prospettive transatlantiche sul Mediterraneo e il Medio Oriente

2002 - 2002

In July 2001, the IAI initiated a project aimed at examining and promoting on a regular basis a common transatlantic perspective on security cooperation in the Middle East and the Mediterranean areas. It is characterized by the participation of opinion leaders, scholars and other stakeholders from the United States, Europe and Middle East-North Africa triangle.
Every twelve months, the institute organizes an expert workshop and a larger international conference, at which papers on topical issues are presented and discussed. The main results of the conferences are illustrated in an extended report drafted by the institute.

  • Rome, 21-23 March 2002: "After September 11th. Governing Instability Across the Mediterranean Sea: a Transatlantic Perspective"
  • Rome, 30 September 2002: "From Dialogue to Partnership: Future Prospects of NATO's Mediterranean Dialogue"
  • Rome, 1 October 2002: "Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Mediterranean relations: perceptions in the aftermath of September 11th"

In March 2003 the institute published in its IAI Quaderni. English series an extensive research report entitled "North-South Relations Across the Mediterranean After September 11. Challenges and Cooperative Approaches" which contained a revised and updated version of the papers presented at the conference “After September 11th, Governing Stability Across the Mediterranean Sea: a Transatlantic Perspective” held in Rome on 21-23 March 2002.

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