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Programme for Promoting Conflict Prevention in the Mediterranean and the Middle East (CP Med)

2004 - 2006

Between 2004 and 2006, the IAI and the Regional Centre on Conflict Prevention (RCCP) have been cooperating in a multi-annual project on conflict prevention in the Euro-Med region.
The general goals of the project were:

to improve the capabilities of the newly established Regional Centre on Conflict Prevention with the support of the IAI Country Conflict Profile (CCP) model of analysis for Early Warning in the Euro-Med area;
to widen Conflict Prevention knowledge and practice among researchers and practitioners in the Euro-Med area with a view to establish a conflict prevention network in the region.

Research results are published on Conflict in Focus, the bi-monthly electronic IAI-RCCP joined newsletter, together with more general articles on EU Conflict Prevention policies and the Euro-Med area by researchers and practitioners, with the final aim of stimulating a debate on the issue.