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Italy and Cyber Defence


Cyber defence has gained a growing relevance in Italy, as a result of a high number of serious attacks against private entities, the armed forces and the public administration – as in the case of the Lazio Region in 2021. Italy has addressed the problem with the creation of the Network Operations Command (Comando per le Operazioni in Rete – COR) within the national defence framework, and with a broader reform of the sector’s governance that led to the definition of the National Cybersecurity Perimeter and the institution of the National Cybersecurity Agency (Agenzia per la Cybersicurezza Nazionale – ACN). At the international level, major NATO Allies as well as the Alliance as a whole are developing their own approach to cyber defence, in the context of a strategic and doctrinal debate over a new operational domain characterised by exceptional features. The disruptive roles acquired by technology and the private sector in this domain demand new forms of dialogue and collaboration between the institutions and the national industry.

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