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Italy and cyber defence

2021 - 2021

In the last few years, cyberattacks all over the world have experienced an exponential raise in terms of numbers, type, impact and significance. Cybersecurity concerns both the military and civilian world, the public and the private sector. Against this backdrop, cyber defence gained an increased significance within NATO members, including Italy, where a new Joint Command for Network Operations was recently established. Moreover, the Italian institutional context has recently been reshaped by the definition of a Cybersecurity Perimeter and the creation of the National Agency for Cybersecurity.

IAI studied these issues through a project entitled “Italy and cyber defence”, carried out with the support of Elettronica. As part of the project, IAI held a high level, closed-door, in-person event at the Institute’s headquarters, attended by prominent representatives of the military and civilian sector, institutions, and private companies, who engaged in a discussion over the preliminary findings of IAI’s study. The final report, published on 30 September 2021, investigates cyber defence through an examination of its peculiarities, criticalities, recent developments and future perspectives for Italy



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