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Energy, climate and resources

Head of the programme: Margherita Bianchi
Research tam: Lorenzo Colantoni, Giulia Sofia Sarno, Pier Paolo Raimondi.
Luca Franza, Marco Giuli and Valeria Termini, scientific advisors
Programme and event assistant: Nathalie Champion

The IAI pays growing attention to the great changes within the fields of the energy transition and climate change, together with an enhanced interest for the increasingly geopolitical relevance of natural resources and their exploitation. These changes don’t affect merely the energy sector, but they also have an impact on the socio-economic dynamics at the national, regional and global levels. This is well exemplified by the success of COP21, the fall in the price of renewable energies and the latter’s importance in the electrification process of Sub-Saharan Africa. The potential key-role of the Easter-Mediterranean in European energy supply represents yet another reason for the necessity to delve in the study of these changes.

The research activity at the IAI focuses on thematic and geographic areas that are considered fundamental not only for what concerns energy security in Italy and in the EU, but also to understand the future developments of the aforementioned momentous changes. Among the various studied subjects, the Institute pays particular attention to the future of the energy transition, the role of natural gas, the position of Turkey as a regional energy pole, the relationships between the southern and northern shores of the Mediterranean and the sustainable development of Sub-Saharan Africa. The IAI also produces a systematic analysis of European energy and climate policies, which are now grouped under the Energy Union umbrella.

The IAI cooperates with the main institutional actors and the major companies involved in these changes at the national and international levels, by organising seminars and conferences, and through studies and publications on energy, climate and the sustainable use of resources.

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