Country Study: Italy

Studio preparato nell'ambito del progetto Analysis of Civil Security Systems in Europe (ANVIL).
Pubbl. anche in Mette Bakken and Mark Rhinard (eds.), Compilation of Country Studies: ANVIL Deliverable 2.1, 30 September 2013, p. 513-577.
Versione successiva: The Italian Civil Security System, Roma, Nuova Cultura, febbraio 2014, 114 p. (IAI Research Papers ; 11), ISBN 978-88-6812-248-5

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giugno 2013, 69 p.
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Executive Summary
Key Findings
List of Abbreviations
1. Introduction
2. Analytical Dimensions
2.1 Cultural and historical aspects of the civil security system
2.1.1 Administrative tradition
2.1.2 Government/social culture
2.2 Legal/constitutional aspect
2.2.1 Statutory basis
2.2.2 Political dimension
2.2.3 Operational dimension
2.2.4 External dimension
2.3 The relations between the civil security system and citizens
2.3.1 Expectations
2.3.2 Information
2.3.3 Education
2.4 The role of the private sector in maintaining civil security
2.4.1 Role of societal/non-profit organizations/NGOs
2.4.2 Role of profit-oriented organizations
3. Quality Measures
3.1 Effectiveness
3.1.1 Assessments through professional and political inquiries
3.1.2 Limits to national capacities
3.2 Efficiency
3.3 Legitimacy
3.3.1 Political support
3.3.2 Legal support
3.3.3 Popular trust and support
4. Italy's Civil Security in the EU Context
5. Conclusion
Annex I. Coded Data
Annex II. H1N1 in Italy
Annex III. Resources

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