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Short Range Air Defence and threats to global security

2022 - 2022

Air defence has to respond and adapt to the evolution of air threats that are becoming increasingly diverse, not only in terms of of attack systems performance, but also of platform types. Piloted assets have been joined by unmanned ones and new surface-to-surface missiles and "expendable" drones. These threats render units deployed in theaters of operations more vulnerable, as well as critical infrastructure on home soil.

Therefore, in September 2022 IAI organized a closed-door seminar in Italian on close area defence, understood as the last layer of an integrated, multilayered air and missile defense. Qualified military, political, and industrial representatives, as well as experts, were involved. The event was prepared on the basis of an introductory note previously distributed to the participants, and was followed by the publication of an IAI paper taking into account both the note and the discussion held, in an Italian and English version.

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