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Security and Defence Programme

1996 - 2017

Relations with the administrations involved in security and defence policy
Consulting services, also by means of documents and notes written for this specific purpose, in order to upgrade the information the administrations receive regarding the implications of their respective activities in the field of security and defence.

Ad hoc information service for members of parliament on subjects of specific interest to the Defense and Foreign Affairs Committees of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate
The initiative intends to promote quicker training of and access to information by members of parliament, in particular with reference to realization of the new defence model and reform of the armed forces.

Data collection on Italian industry
The programme collects basic data on trends in the main Italian aerospace and defence industries in order to provide a homogeneous picture of the sector, that can be used both nationally and internationally. In this light, support was provided for the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) in preparing the part of its Yearbook on industry.

Moreover, until 2017 the IAI has created infographics on the defence budgets of Italy and the main European countries, as well as on the European aerospace and defence industry.
Until 2015, the Institute has also maintained a monthly observatory on developments in the field of defence in Europe, and has selected one near-graduate per year who prepared his thesis on an agreed theme with the support of IAI researchers, publishing a revised version in the Quaderni IAI series.