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RECLAIM: Reclaiming Liberal Democracy in the Post-Factual Age

2022 - current

RECLAIM addresses the challenge of post-truth politics for the future of liberal democracy in Europe. The project focuses on the concept of liberal democracy in the 21st century with the stated purpose of developing recommendations, toolkits and methodologies to reinstate the legitimacy, rightfulness and effectiveness of liberal democracy. Drawing on a multi-disciplinary approach, RECLAIM:

  • reflects on the arising of post-truth politics in Europe and its implications for the future of liberal democracy;
  • develops a conceptual definition as well as empirical indicators for post-truth politics analysis;
  • examines the state-of-the-art in a large and geographically diverse number of European countries, including EU member and non-member states;
  • considers innovative teaching tools (beginning with active and pervasive learning) for citizenship education along four key dimensions (i.e., a. European identity in students; b. digital literacy; c. learning to learn by experience and practice; and d. social cohesion) to develop new teaching and learning models;
  • uses empirical findings to develop policy recommendations on how to best respond to and mitigate the phenomenon, addressing challenges such as disinformation, citizenship education, and media literacy. 

IAI is the lead beneficiary of Work Package (WP) 8 and contributes to WPs 9,10 and 11, covering all the actions connected with citizenship education (database on disinformation, research paper and policy brief on how to reconnect education with the liberal political system).

Funding: European Union - Horizon Europe

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