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RADAR: Raising Awareness on Disinformation, Achieving Resilience

2022 - 2024

RADAR addresses the topics of countering disinformation, enabling democratic participation and engaging youth in policy-making. It comprises 12 Work Packages (WP), whose main objective is to organize 5 original and insightful public debates and 5 youth labs in as many member states. The conclusive point will be a policy debate with high level experts in politicians to take place in Brussels. RADAR is grounded on an original methodology of information sharing which involves citizens, academic experts and youth organizations. The project’s activities will be implemented following a ‘Triple I’ Approach – Incubation, Interaction, and Insight – in order to provide a sound structure to the project’s work plan with a clear overview of the connection between participating member states and a better conceptual allocation of the resources. IAI is in charge of WP5 (Public debate in Italy) and WP6 (Youth organizations in Italy) with the main responsibilities of event organization, communication, dissemination and stakeholding. The project is financed through a lump sum grant in the framework of an UE programme on citizens’ engagement and participation (CERV). The coordinator and main beneficiary is the Trans European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA).

Funding: European Union - CERV (Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values) Programme

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