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I fenomeni migratori tra fatti e narrativa politica

20/10/2023, Rome, Roma Tre University - h. 9.30

The European project RADAR (Raising Awareness on Disinformation, Achieving Resilience) aims to raise public knowledge about some subjects of public interest where misleading disinformation has been disseminated in recent years. The initiative intends to host five sessions in five European Union member states to go deeper into some of these themes deemed particularly pertinent, and so give participants with new cognitive and narrative tools to oppose contemporary disinformation efforts. The IAI, the initiative's Italian partner, will organize a public event on October 20 in Rome in collaboration with the Trans European Policy Studies Association, the project's coordinator, and Roma Tre University to discuss global migrations and their effects on European society.

The public debate, which will take place at Roma Tre University on October 20, will feature various experts who will continuously interact with the public present in the hall (also through innovative tools such as instant surveys).

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