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The Political Future of the European Union

2012 - 2013

Following the study on the Fiscal Compact in 2012 , the IAI continued to analyze the problems arising from the sovereign debt crisis in the eurozone, with a concentration on the institutional and political response that the EU should provide. The research , which started in 2012 and in collaboration with the Centre for Studies on Federalism ( CSF ) in Turin , was conducted on three levels: analysis of the new national political and economic contexts, reactions and initiatives in the community, and finally proposals for the completion of the European Political Union. In particular, the main issues that were examined in the study are the emergence of movements and anti-European parties , the new governance of the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU), the Union's democratic legitimacy in light of recent changes and in view of the future developments, and the emergence of a European public space.

In particular, during 2013 three papers were commissioned as part of this project : one on the new governance of the Economic and Monetary Union ( EMU), one on the new plan for growth adopted by the European Council of 28-29 June 2012 , and a third on the national parliamentary scrutiny of the new EMU.

Publications: IAI Working Papers 12|29, 13|02, 13|11, 13|13, 13|24.

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