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A new European Consensus on Asylum & Migration

2018 - 2021

The project, coordinated by IAI and the Migration Policy Institute Europe (MPI Europe) aimed at fostering debate and identifying policy priorities in the area of migration and asylum that can generate consensus across Member States and EU institutions. The project brought together senior policy makers and officials from the Member States as well as the EU institutions under the auspices of an informal high-level core group, and three Working Groups focusing respectively on: Schengen and the common European asylum system; EU relations with third countries, and future EU funding mechanisms. In addition to the organization of a total of 12 consensus-building meetings, the project had a research component through the preparation of background papers as well as the syntheses of shared policy priorities and proposals for the next European migration policy agenda (summaries and final report). IAI organized the three meetings of the Working Group on the external dimension of migration policy between November 2018 and July 2019 and closely collaborated with the other thematic Working Groups. IAI also organized an expert roundtable on migration cooperation between the EU and Africa in March 2019 in order to feed the debate on EU-third country relations with the insights of a broader and more diverse range of stakeholders.

A program of publications was also carried out with experts from Europe and countries of origin of migratory flows; it was completed in 2021.

Funding: Open Society Foundations

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