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Middle East and North Africa Regional Architecture: Mapping geopolitical shifts, regional order and domestic transformations – MENARA

2016 - 2019

The project – co-led by CIDOB, Barcelona, and IAI, that also leads the Work Packages (WPs) on the policy options and on dissemination and communication ​​- aims to shed light on the historical, political, economic and social dynamics that are affecting the Middle East and North Africa. Particular attention will be devoted to the peculiar features of the new regional order as well as to the actors and processes that are influencing its development. The project will outline potential scenarios related to the course of the region in the medium (2025) and long (2040) term, and will analyze elements of continuity and break with the past.
Taking advantage from a temporal (past, present, future) and spatial (national, regional, global) research framework, the project will sharpen our understanding of the region with a view to highlighting the potential strategies and policies that the EU is called upon to adopt in order to make its role in the region more effective. The results of the project will be promoted through innovative dissemination and communication methods aimed at increasing its impact not only within the academic and the stakeholders community, but also in the frame of a wider audience interested in the processes unfolding in the MENA.

Funding: European Union - Horizon 2020

Publications: MENARA Papers

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