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IAI University Road Show: Italian Foreign Policy

2022 - current

In the framework of its strategic partnership with the Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo, every year IAI publishes a report on Italian foreign policy that analyses the government's actions in various international realms with a particular emphasis on the tree traditional pillars of Italian foreign policy: Europe, the transatlantic alliance and the wider Mediterranean. The report brings together the research of all IAI programmes, coordinated by the Italian Foreign Policy Programme, including the results of demographic surveys conducted with the Political and Social Analysis Laboratory (LAPS) of the University of Siena.

Following the publication, IAI organises a cycle of conferences in leading Italian universities to showcase the main findings of the report. The aim is to discuss together with students the impact that international events are having on Italian foreign policy, including the promotion of national interests abroad and the main international challenges facing Italy. The meetings are also an opportunity to illustrate the other research products and programmes of the Institute and to share with the students IAI’s policy research modalities. The geographic and/or thematic focus of each event are chosen in agreement with single universities, ensuring that the event tackles topics of interest to the students and lecturers involved in the organisation of the events.

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