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G-SEXTANT- Service provision of geospatial intelligence in EU external actions support

2013 - 2015

The goal of G-SEXTANT was to consolidate a portfolio of Earth Observation products and services that support the geospatial information (geoinformation) needs of the EU external action.
Focusing on the gaps identified in previous GMES Security projects (i.e. LIMES, G-MOSAIC, etc.), the main objectives of G-SEXTANT were: (i) preparation and delivery of pre-operational services which are user-driven and in particular related to EU external action scenarios; (ii) further enhancement of already mature products and services demanded by the users; and (iii) the definition of a standardized portfolio.
Demonstrations were conducted in different scenarios to cover the potential application areas of interest such as humanitarian crisis, natural resources, land conflict situation awareness, nuclear activities, monitoring of illicit crops and border monitoring outside the EU.
G-SEXTANT was complementary to G-NEXT, with which the appropriate interactions were established. In addition, the project took into consideration the results of the project BRIDGES.

Partners: INDRA (Coordinator) in cooperation with European companies and research institutes
Sponsor: European Union - 7th Framework Programme