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G-NEXT- GMES pre-operational security services for supporting external actions

2013 - 2015

G-NEXT identified and offered a set of services in support to the EU external action that could be suitably integrated in the user working environment in an effective and reliable way. The research and development focus was on the enhancement of crisis management response services, while filling the relevant gaps and adopting a pre-operational perspective. Reference users of the products and services included the main actors and stakeholders involved in EU missions in support to external action (i.e. EEAS, Member States’ ministries of foreign affairs and of defence, etc.).
The objectives of the projects were: (a) Demonstrating the effective contribution of an integrated geo-spatial service concept to respond to the needs of EU external action by providing the user community with an evolving set of security services and products; (b) Involving the main user organizations in the project making its services available to them for their strategic and operational activities; (c) Assuring the continuity of the work done in previous GMES projects and especially on the security (LIMES, G-MOSAIC, tec.) and emergency (SAFER) domains; (d) Implementing synergies with the other GMES projects and relevant European initiatives; (e) Performing a comprehensive benefits analysis taking into account the main drivers for the set up of an operational framework; (f) Addressing the potential service evolution for 2014 – start of GMES operations - and onwards.
G-NEXT was complementary to G-SEXTANT, with which the appropriate interactions were established. In addition, the project took into consideration the results of the project BRIDGES.

Partners: e-Geos (Coordinator) in cooperation with European companies and research institutes
Sponsor: European Union - 7th Framework Programme