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Development of New Solutions for the Protection of European Citizens and Infrastructures Against Terrorist Threats – EUProtect

2019 - current

The two-year project (2019-2021) brings together six European partners led by STAM. EUProtect purpose is to develop new concepts of urban landscape design, taking into account changes in terrorist threats and recent attacks (Paris, Brussels, Barcelona and Nice) against the so-called “soft targets”, public and crowded places and crowded allowing terrorists to maximize the number of victims. Special attention is paid to citizens, through the modeling and simulation of their behavior in the event of terrorist attacks. The project analyzes two use-cases: a subway station and a shopping center for which the project aims to define two potential attack scenarios, in order to develop protection measures that cover both standard and CBRN attacks (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear). The aim of the Project is, furthermore, to elaborate guidelines on best practices to be adopted and, in the end, to disseminate them to the community of decision makers in order to raise awareness of the threats. IAI leads an analysis of terrorist attacks occurred in the past in order to identify future trends and contribute to the definition of scenarios for the two case studies of the project.

Funding: European Union-DG Home, Compagnia di San Paolo-Programma International Affairs