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Energy Union Watch

2015 - 2020

The project monitored the activities of the key EU institutions—the European Commission, as well as the Council of the EU, the European Parliament and the European Council — on the theme of the Energy Union. In addition, the Energy Union Watch covered the debate among the key national and European stakeholders, including industrial players, think tanks, and interest groups, on the institutional evolution of the Energy Union and of its priority actions. Finally, in order to sensitise institutional actors and the key stakeholders, the project offerered analytical assessments, comments and policy recommendations on the Energy Union, taking into account specific national interests and perspectives, with a special attention on the Mediterranean region and on the new energy developments in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The project – which involveds key European think tanks dealing with the Energy Union – included a publication issued on a quarterly basis, which was distributed to the main European institutional interlocutors, as well as the organization of public events aimed at discussing the main topics treated by the Watch.

IAI will continue monitoring EU energy and climate policies through an observatory dedicated to the new EU strategy, thus named "Green Deal Watch".

Funding: Edison Spa

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