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The White Paper: A Strategy for Italy's Defence Policy


The 2015 White Paper on International Security and Defence, signed by the Minister of Defence, represents an important achievement for the Italian Armed Forces – and more in general for Italy’s international projection. This paper is divided into six chapters analysing the main aspects of the White Paper. The first chapter explains the importance of the document in the Italian context. The second one explores the key elements of the White Paper, which altogether constitute a reform of the military entailing radical changes. Chapter 3 focuses on a set of measures to reform the governance and internal organisation of the Ministry of Defence (MoD), particularly concerning the joint level and the relationship between the political authority and the military. The fourth chapter provides an analysis of the novelties regarding industrial defence policy, with a focus on “sovereign” and “cooperative” technologies and the proposed partnerships between the MoD and the private sector. Chapter 5 analyses the European dimension of the White Paper from political, operational and industrial points of view, by discussing national interests in the perspective of a European integration. The final chapter focuses on what some would say is missing in the document, and what follow-up the White Book should have at the Italian and European levels.

Paper prepared for the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI), June 2015. Other version of some chapters (Camporini, Marrone and Ungaro) published in AffarInternazionali, May 2015.