Water and Food Security Strategies in the MENA Region

Food security in the MENA region will become one of the key issues of the 21st century. If insufficiently addressed, it may lead to severe social, environmental, economic and political consequences. Given high population growth across the region and the fact that water could be a bottleneck for agricultural production, the region will have to reform its agricultural sector toward resource-efficient, high-value crop farming systems. Europe can play a key role by promoting trade between the MENA and Europe, by increasing investment in the MENA region for food and water security and by strengthening policy institutions to manage every drop of water in the most efficient manner.

Rome, IAI, March 2019, 7 p.
Future Notes 18
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What is water and food security and how does it affect the region?
Consequences of water and food insecurity in the MENA region
What future for the region?
What is the European Union’s role in future water and food security in the MENA region?

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