The Northern EU. National Views on the Emerging Security Dimension

This book focuses on the northern enlargement of the EU and its impact on the Common Foreign and Security Policy. The EU gained a Northern Dimension when Finland and Sweden joined the Union in 1995. This enlargement to the North, like any enlargement in the past, broadened the agenda of the EU, and the Nordic members have been working within the Union to make their voices heard. How do the member states perceive the Northern Security Dimension of the Union? What are the main challenges in the North? What is their relative signifigance? What should the role of the EU be in addressing them? These questions are answered by security policy experts from the member states.

Volume produced within the framework of the research project "The Northern Dimension of the CFSP".

Helsinki, The Finnish Institute of International Affairs (FIIA) / Berlin, Institut für Europäische Politik (IEP), October 2000, 267 p. (Programme on the Northern Dimension of the CFSP ; 9)
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Introduction: The Northern Dimension as a challenging task, Wolfgang Wessels
The Northern security agenda: An overall perspective, Olav F. Knudsen
British pragmatism: Security and environment, Clive Archer
Spanish worries about a North South divide, Esther Barbé
Irish confirmation: Support to other small and neutral members, Jill Donoghue
Finland’s new policy: Using EU for stability in the North, Tuomas Forsberg and Hanna Ojanen
Belgian ambivalence: Flemish and Walloon interests, Christian Franck and Catherine Brutsaert
The Swedish approach: Constructive competition for a common goal, Gunilla Herolf
Danish hopes: From a fuzzy concept to a model case, Bertel Heurlin
A Dutch hope: Towards a greater coherence, Kees Homann
Italian worries and hopes: Wrong orientation but a model strategy towards the flanks, Antonio Missiroli
Austrian perspectives: From benign neglect towards a medium priority, Hanspeter Neuhold
German ambitions and ambiguities: EU initiatives as a useful framework, Uwe Schmalz
Portugese expectations: Partenership among peripheral countries, Maria João Seabra
French concern: Northern Europe as a key point in the European debate on power and security, Fabien Terpan
Conclusions: The Norther Security Dimension, Giovanni Bonvicini and Tapani Vaahtoranta

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