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The Northern Dimension of the CFSP

1998 - 2000

Launched at the end of 1998 in collaboration with the Finnish Institute of International Affairs, Helsinki, and the Institut für Europäische Politik, Bonn, this extensive research project centered on perceptions of security in Northern Europe, particularly in regard to Russia, the position of the Baltic countries and the rest of the Community of Independent States (excluding Russia). Part of the research focused on the attitudes the individual EU countries have toward this aspect of collective security. The national papers were published in: The Northern EU. National views on the emerging security dimension, edited by Gianni Bonvicini, Tapani Vaahtoranta, Wolfgang Wessels. Helsinki, The Finnish Institute of International Affairs, Berlin, Institut für Europäische Politik, 2000, 267 p. (Programme on the Northern dimension of the CFSP ; 9) ISBN 951-769-110-6.

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