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L'Italia nelle missioni civili dell'Ue. Criticità e prospettive


The civilian aspects of crisis management have taken on increasing importance in stabilizing conflict areas from Kosovo, to Afghanistan and Georgia. The civilian missions deployed by the European Union are tasked with rebuilding state structures, reforming the security apparatus and enforcing the rule of law, administering justice and monitoring peace agreements. Italy is in second place among EU members for the number of personnel seconded to these missions. Nevertheless, there are still important gaps to be filled in terms of training and recruitment of personnel, mechanisms for evaluating "lessons learned", legal framework and means of financiing. The contributions brought together in this volume analyse the Italian and European experience in this sector, highlighting the qualities and shortcomings and suggesting a strategic rethinking of Italy's role in the civilian management of international crises.

Proceedings of the seminar "L'Italia nelle missioni civili dell'Ue. Criticità e prospettive", held in Rome on 4-5 November 2009, organised by the IAI within the framework of the research project "EU crisis management missions and the role of Italy".

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