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Lessons Learned’ from Afghanistan


NATO members such as Italy and the UK have been heavily engaged in Afghanistan for almost a decade. Useful lessons could be drawn from this experience regarding the political, military, diplomatic and economic aspects of stabilization missions in complex and volatile theatres in Europe’s neighbourhood. To understand spoiling factors, to engage the “home front”, to prepare for worst-case scenarios and asymmetric warfare, to coordinate civilians and militaries at home and on the ground, to connect the defence industry with the front line, to build a long-term partnership with the target country, to make the peace process as inclusive as possible, to balance economic competition with political cooperation, are only some of the lessons to be learned and kept in mind after a decade of engagement in Afghanistan.

Transcripts of the roundtable "Le 'lessons learned' dall'Afghanistan", Rome, 16 June 2011, organised in the framework of the European Security and Defence Forum (ESDF).

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