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Focus euroatlantico n. 5 (gennaio-maggio 2024)


The second issue of the 2024 Euro-Atlantic Focus opens, as usual, with an analysis of the state of transatlantic relations (accompanied by a series of graphs). Riccardo Alcaro and Luca Barana focus on the three major geopolitical and geo-economic issues that have absorbed most of the energies of Washington and European capitals: the war in Ukraine, the Israeli offensive in Gaza, and trade tensions with China. In the section on US domestic politics, Alcaro and Barana delve into the difficult negotiations that finally saw Congress approve the federal budget and the aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan (among others). The negotiations showed the internal divisions within the Republicans, particularly on Ukraine, which however are not reflected in the presidential campaign, where former President Trump has a slight but consolidated lead over Biden in the swing states. In the special essay, Alessandro Marrone and Gaia Ravazzolo focus on the upcoming NATO Washington summit in July by outlining the framework of the Alliance’s support to Ukraine and increased deterrence toward Moscow, and then analyse the global context, delving into the link between the Euro-Atlantic and Indo-Pacific areas and the de-prioritisation of the southern flank by the allies.

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