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Focus euroatlantico, n. 18 (giugno-settembre 2021)


The present issue of the 2021 Euro-Atlantic Focus begins, as usual, with an analysis of the state of play in the transatlantic relationship (supplemented by a number of graphs and tables in the appendix). The collapse of the internationally-backed Afghan government and the fall of Kabul to the Taliban have stirred international alarm and provoked massive criticism of President Biden’s decision to withdraw US troops. The Europeans, who could not but go along with the US decision, are now worried about massive flows of refugees from Afghanistan. In the first essay, Andrea Dessì assesses the implication of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. Dessì notices that mounting concern is presently being directed at the brewing humanitarian crisis in the country, as well as human rights, the status of evacuees and the potential for a resurgence of terrorism. The second essay is dedicated to post-ISIS Iraq. Flavia Fusco writes that Iraq remains steeped in an apparently never-ending transition process: the state remains largely dysfunctional, the economy vulnerable and national reconciliation unachieved. In the third essay, Ettore Greco takes stock of the state of the international non-proliferation regime. Greco warns that deep divisions between the nuclear weapons states and the non-nuclear weapons states complicate efforts to find an agreement during the next Review Conference of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NTP) in early 2022.

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