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Building on the Past, Facing the Future. Italian and European Responsibilities in World Affairs


It seemed appropriate, for a think tank like the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI), to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its foundation by writing a reflection paper that looks to the future. So we gave some of our researchers the task of proposing brief critical analyses on four fields of research in which the Institute has traditionally invested its resources: the European Union, transatlantic relations, the Mediterranean and Italy’s role in Europe and the world. We intend in this way to contribute to best effect to the dissemination of a truly internationalist culture in our country. A mission which the IAI has sought to develop with constancy and determination in its first 50 years and which it intends to take forward and build upon in the future.

Report prepared for the international conference organised on occasion of the 50° anniversary of IAI, Rome, 13-14 November 2015.

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