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Africa's Energy Future. Energy Leapfrogging Potential in Four African Countries


This report analyses the variables influencing energy leapfrogging and then estimates the leapfrogging potential for four illustrative countries in sub-Saharan Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria and Mozambique). These countries have been selected to guarantee a full coverage of the region from a development and geographical perspective. The analysis focuses in particular on the Sub-Saharan section of the continent since northern Africa shows a completely different energy landscape, characterised by a higher level of access and of infrastructure development. Additionally, the focus of this report is on access to electricity, with only limited reference to clean cooking and transportation, this being the most promising sector with regard to energy leapfrogging.

This report is also associated to a website, which highlightes the results of the research with animated data and contains an easily and freely accessible database showing the fundamental data on energy leapfrogging in Africa. It is available at

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