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A IAI volume argues for a replacement of the ‘invisible hand’ of the market with the ‘visible hand’ of a European policy...


Seminar on "Europe in the world" organized by IAI in the framework of Ceps Ideas Labs


"L’eurozona alla ricerca di un nuovo equilibrio", presentation of a study edited by Marcello Messori, Luiss, and by his research team


Today as always, the construction of Europe and the deepening of integration cannot be achieved without a close and engaging relationship between Germany and Italy. Well aware of this, and...


There are five priorities for building a fairer and more thriving Europe: the single market; a banking union; trade agreements with the United States; investments in research and development; and...


Ukraine has no plan B, but only a plan A foreseeing the Association Agreement with the European Union. After the declaration of independence from the Soviet Union, this is the second most...


Georgia wants to pursue the path of the association agreement initialled in Vilnius on November 29, for which the ratification is foreseen in September 2014.

These are the declarations...


The latest issue of The International Spectator, IAI’s journal of international affairs, is out. It features essays on the Ukraine crisis and West-Russia relations...


International seminar on "Morocco’s Role in Fostering Euro-Mediterranean Energy Cooperation", within the IAI-OCP partnership


International conference on "Italy’s perspectives on forging a new EU-North Africa energy pact", in cooperation with Enel Foundation