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IAI’s Security and Defence programme has been awarded three new EU-funded projects in the areas of space security in the...


The first of a series of two workshops organized by Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) and LUISS School of Government (SOG) entitled ‘Which role should the EU play in international relations?...


Three IAI publications from the Global Turkey in Europe project focus on the challenges and opportunities confronting the...


A truly united Europe in terms of its economy, politics and institutions cannot be achieved unless citizens are united by a shared sense of purpose: transport and telecommunications are two of the...


Final conference of the project "The EU as a global actor in the UN reform process" in cooperation with University of Kiel and sponsored by Volkswagen Foundation


In a new paper published in the framework of the Global Turkey in Europe project run by IAI, the Istanbul Policy Center and the Mercator...


Seminar on "Turkey in Europe: Challenges and Opportunities", with Volkan Bozkir, Minister for EU Affairs & Chief Negotiator of the Republic of Turkey


Workshop on "The EU and its neighbourhood: domestic transformation and EU accession in Kosovo and Turkey"


Roundtable on "The South Caucasus in the wider Europe security complex", introduced by Araz Azimov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan


Workshop on "The post 2013 financial perspectives: Re-thinking EU finances in times of crisis", in cooperation with Centro studi sul federalismo, European Policy Centre and Notre...