Eastern Europe and Eurasia

Head of the programme: Nona Mikhelidze
Research team: Matteo Bonomi, Asli Okyay, Eleonora Poli, Nathalie Tocci
Programme and event assistant: Francesca Paganucci

The Eastern Europe and Eurasia Programme explores domestic, foreign and security policies of Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Russia, Turkey, Central Asia and the Western Balkans. Throughout the region, the program deals with a wide range of issues such as democratization processes and conflict resolution but also trade, economy and energy cooperation. Particular attention is paid to the relations of the European Union (EU) with the states of the Eastern Partnership (EaP), Russia, to the integration of the Western Balkan countries into the EU, Turkey’s place in Europe as well as EU's strategy towards the Central Asia.

Ongoing projects include work on: Turkey, Balkans, Caucasus, Ukraine.