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Water diplomacy and culture of sustainability. The Chad Basin

2020 - 2021

The project, led by the Centre for African Studies in Turin, has focused on water management in the Lake Chad  and its regional and international implications. Water diplomacy holds a significant importance in the Sahel: exploitation of water resources, climate change, governance, access to basic services, demographic growth and conflicts scenarios constitute interlinked policy issues in the region. The project aimed at researching best practices and critical points linked to the management of the Lake Chad basin, so as to highlight ways  of sustainable use of water in agriculture and manufacture, as well as linkages among security, governance and development.

IAI has contributed to the project by conducting targeted  research activities in the field of security and regional governance of natural resources, whose results have been published in a IAI Paper focusing on the role of the Lake Chad Basin Commission. Researchers from the Institute have also attended to an online webinar organized in the framework of the project and have supported the scientific coordination of the initiative. IAI has also produced 3 podcasts hosting experts and researchers from Italy, Europe and the region of Lake Chad.

Funding: Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo, Autorità d’Ambito 3 “Torinese” via Centre for African Studies



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